Kenya Stevens, has surprised many after she happily flaunted her ‘two husbands’ on social media.

According to Stephens, the two men are her life partners who live together with her in peace and harmony, adding that the love she feels for each of them is different.

She further disclosed that she has two sons each for the two men. She shared a happy family photo with both men while outlining their similarities and differences.

People were surprise to witness her happiness of living with two men under one roof.

Kenya Stephens lives in the United States of America, where the act is illegal and punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both, according to the law of the state where the crime is practiced and the circumstances of the offense.

More pictures of the family:

She wrote: “Poly girls have all the fun!!! ???????? Here’s me and my two life partners. One is a body love WC™️ one is a mind love CC™️ – They’re both 6’3. They both have beards… We all wear glasses ???????? One is a Southern Gent, the other is a shrewd northerner. We live together and we get along really well. I’m raising both their sons – our oldest two are away at college!
Interesting fact – Both hubbies are super #hetero – I identify as #omnisexual – but I’ve not had a female-bodied partner since I was 8 years old! (Yes humans are sensual from a very early age… #normal) Hmmmmm….. I wonder what’s up with that?… Anyways! Have a great day!
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