Deanna Lynn’s Wikipedia bio is currently absent from the web. However, she does have features on many reputed sites, following her victory over sexual trauma journey.

Deanna Lynn is a former porn star and a current orthopedic.

Overcoming her past life, Lynn has already taken a step into the new life awaiting her.

Further, she is also an author at Purchased: Leaving the Sex Trade.

Her journey from involving in an explicit industry to enlightenment and finding her real-life goal attainment was surely not easy.

Orthopedic Deanna Lynn Wiki And Age

Deanna Lynn has no Wikipedia under her name.

But, her inspirational journey of triumph over trauma has led her to be covered on several sites and podcasts.

Deanna Lynn was exposed to sexually explicit subjects at a really young age. 

About her age, ex-adult star Deanna seems to be around 30-40 years old now. Even after over 30 years, she still clearly remembers what she had gone through when she was six then.

Deanna Lynn Husband And Children

After leaving her past, Deanna Lynn finally got the courage to fall in love and married her now-husband, Matt Spangler.

She met her life partner for the first time in church. Like her, he was even a great follower of Jesus, as per Thrive.Asbury.

Following her over three years of happy married life, Lynn even shares twins with her husband. Particularly, she is blessed with 2 daughters.


Is Deanna Lynn On Instagram?

We could not get hold of Deanna Lynn’s Instagram but we found her Facebook account.

There are many IG accounts under her name but none of them seems to be the real orthopedic Lynn. 

About Deanna Lynn Child Abuse Story

Deanna Lynn had experienced an abusive traumatic childhood life. This eventually led her to the road to the adult industry. 

At age five, when other kids are introduced to new intellectual learning, Deanna Lynn has had exposure to the world of pornography.

And, the cruel part is, the one who introduced her to such things was none other than her mother.

Growing up in the shades of an alcoholic mom dealing with depression, that surely created some negative impact on Deanna’s life too. 

The negative input did also bear the negative output, given her engagement in the porn industry while in her teenage years. Perhaps, life had hope for her as she got involved in the organization named Refuge for Women, which completely changed her life.

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