The father of Nonkanyiso Conco, Fartescue Conco, has recently come to public attention and, she is a reality TV star of The Real Housewives of Durban.

Nonkanyiso Conco has decided to give access to her life to the people of her home country.

As the star of the reality show The Real Housewives of Durban, she was in the limelight for being the wife of former president Jacob Zuma.

Conco has managed to keep the people talking about her presence in the reality show, are keen to know the truth behind her famous lifestyle.

Who Is Nonkanyiso Conco, Father?

The father of Nonkanyiso Conco, Fartescue Conco, has recently come to public attention.

Fartescue has been very vocal and supportive about his daughter.

Different accusations have been made by Nonkanyiso’s father lately to former president Zuma for not being a caring father.

Conco wanted his daughter to take legal action against Zuma.

However, Nonkanyiso has not taken the route that her father has suggested till now.

Nonkanyiso Conco Husband And Wedding

Former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma was the husband of Nonkanyiso Conco.

Reality TV star Conco shook up the media when she was revealed as the former president’s secret in 2018.

But, they reportedly started seeing each other in 2013.

However, both of them ended their relationship nearly two years later after the confirmation about their relationship. They tie the knot in 2018 and part their ways in late 2019.

The age difference between the former couple was huge as some claim this was a primary reason for their breakup.

Zuma was believed to be greatly the age of Nonkanyiso Conco.

The former couple was blessed with a son, but Nonkanyiso has fully taken responsibility for her child after their breakup.   

Nonkanyiso Conco Age- How Old Is She?

Nonkanyiso Conco’s age is 30 years old.

Furthermore, She was born on 18th December 1991.

She barely talks about her age as she wants people to speculate about her age.

However, some sites claim she is in her late 20s.

What Is Nonkanyiso Conco Net Worth?

The net worth of Nonkanyiso Conco is $300,000.

Conco worked as a presenter of Vuma FM and was a reporter/photographer for the Independent newspaper.

Currently, she is not engaged in any particular work, but being the wife of the former president and the star of the reality show has favored her well in her financial situation.

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