Nigel Haworth famous as a chef is a renowned personality. He has dedicated his entire life to cooking. 

Nigel is the Chef Director at Cherry Pie Rights Limited. He was honored with the Egon Ronay Chef of the year award in 1995.

Moreover, Nigel Haworth has built a culinary empire that has not only showcased his gastronomic brilliance but set the benchmark for dining restaurants across the land.

Nigel Haworth Chef Age and Wikipedia

Chef Haworth age is 62 years. He was born in 1958.

Despite making a trademark for himself, Nigel Haworth Wikipedia is not featured yet on the internet.

Born in Whalley, Lancashire, Haworth has defined the path of modern British cooking, alongside creating the most successful Food Festival in the U.K. 

He has his website where you can browse his biography and new projects. 

You can find him on Youtube where he has presented his unique recipes under the brand “Food with Roots.” The brand included his showcasing recipes for all the creative home cooks, alongside his Food range currently available in Sainsbury’s Supermarkets.

Meet His Son And Family

Nigel Haworth son Kirk Haworth, is also a chef who is 29 years of age.

Kirk had his own cooking career cut shirt after contracting Lyme Disease while working in Australia. He was a rising star in London’s Michelin- starred restaurant scene when he began suffering chronic pain and memory loss.

Furthermore, this was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in May 2016, four years after contracting the illness while working in Sydney. 

By the time he was diagnosed with the disease, the symptoms were so bad he had to take time off from his stellar career at top restaurants, including The Square in London and The French Laundry, California.

Since then, Nigel and The Red Johnson Foundation have held multiple events to raise awareness of Lyme Disease and assist Kirk in accessing treatments to alleviate his symptoms.

Furthermore, according to Great British Life, Nigel Haworth’s wife, Whizz Kathrine, is an interior designer, and the duo has created Cafe Northcote. We can also picture them together on Instagram.

Nigel Haworth Net Worth

Nigel Haworth Net worth is estimated to be £6.8k, according to company check U.K.

However, we are not sure about it as it doesn’t come from an official source.

However, being a professional and reputed chef, he should be earning good fortune for himself and his family.

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