After the TikTok girlfriend hostage chain video goes viral, Marcus Dipaola girlfriend inquiries are storming the internet. Know about him more in here.

Marcus Dipaola is a journalist who works as a freelance field producer. Currently, he anchors the news on Tiktok for fun.

He uses a different writing format so that middle teens with learning disabilities can understand it well.

Marcus DiPaola Age: How Old?

Marcus Dipaola age is 30 years at the moment.

He was born on May 4, 1991, and holds an American nationality. However, he grew up in China and moved to the US at the age of 16.

He has an undergraduate degree in Bachelors in Art and Journalism from Rutgers University.

He has covered the live shots for Daily mail Tv at the White House in the past two years. He took the live coverage of former President Donald Trump. 

Marcus DiPaola Tiktok Girlfriend

Marcus DiPaola girlfriend, Brittany Bell, is also in the hype these days after their video went viral on Tiktok.

According to his TikTok videos, Brittany works as a rabbit rescuer.

Bell is mostly shy and quiet while appearing on videos, and she doesn’t speak much, apart from saying hello with a wave to the camera. 

However, we’re completely unaware if they are truly dating or in an on-camera relationship.

Tiktok Hostage Duet Chain Viral Video Explained

Chain video started after Marcus Dipaola uploaded a short clip to introduce his girlfriend, Brittany, to his audience.

Tiktok users have taken things to a new level by producing a huge chain of Duets from the original video.

A user name anarchosaladism duetted the video to make it look like his arm holding a gun.

The collaboration efforts on TikTok are amazing

— Aiyana N. Ishmael (@aiyanaish) May 8, 2021

And soon, the chain started to grow at a rapid rate. People started adding extra limbs and building off the original video; the story quickly progressed into a hostage situation. 

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