Madeline Grant is Parliamentary Sketchwriter and Sunday Telegraph columnist at The Telegraph yet to get listed on Wikipedia. Here you will find the information about her.

Madeline Grant is a professional journalist currently working as Parliamentary Sketchwriter and Sunday Telegraph columnist at The Telegraph.

She joined the Telegraph team in January 2019 as Assistant Comment Editor and Sunday Telegraph columnist and worked till September 2020. 

Besides Telegraph, Madeline has gained enough experience in the field as she has worked in numerous televisions and news.

 She also reported for Newsweek in August 2014 for five months.

Likewise, Madeline went to study at King Edward VI High School for Girls and graduated with a degree in English from the Oxford University. 

I’d love it if American political anoraks sat up all night waiting for the results of the Hartlepool by-election and the West Midlands PCC contest just as their British counterparts do on Super Tuesday

— Madeline Grant (@Madz_Grant) May 5, 2021

Madeline Grant Telegraph Wikipedia 

As of now, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Madelina Grant.

She has been actively working in Journalism for a long time. 

Also, she worked at the Institue of Economic Affairs- London and was Finalist in the Economist Magazine’s Open Future Essay Prize 2018.

 Madeline Grant Age: How Tall Is She?

Madeline Grant’s age is 29 years old.

Madeline Grant looks pretty tall in the pictures, but her actual height is not measured yet.

Public service journalism at its finest

— Madeline Grant (@Madz_Grant) May 5, 2021

Who Is Madeline Grant Husband?

Till now, Madelina Grant has not talked anything about her Husband in the media.

She is a private seeker and likes to keep her details away from the public’s eyes. So, the information regarding her Husband is a mystery.

Also, many people are confused about whether she is married or not.

What Is Madeline Grant Net Worth?

The news regarding Madelin Grant’s net worth has not been published yet.

As Madeline does not share anything about her earnings and income, her net worth remains far from the spotlight.

However, Madeline must have added a decent amount of money to her long-term professional career in journalism. 

Between 2007 and 2010, Madeline was also a model managed by Profile Model Management (London). 

So, by her various works, Madeline should have earned a reasonable sum of money. 

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