Sir Fredrick Barclay’s wife Lady Hiroko Barclay is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. Read further to know about her in detail.

Lady Hiroko Barclay is the wife of Sir Fredrick Barclay, the billionaire owner of the Daily Telegraph. 

The couple is in the limelight after a court ordered Fredrick to pay £100 million to his wife as an unwanted behavior during a divorce conflict. 

Moreover, the couple together for 34 years before deciding to live life on their terms. 

Quick Facts:

Name Lady Hiroko Barclay
Age 78
Gender Female
Nationality British
Married/Single Divorced
Divorce Sir Fredrick Barclay

Lady Hiroko Barclay Wikipedia and Age 

Lady Hiroko Barclay is not yet published on Wikipedia. 

But, she might soon be on Wiki source if the public demand rises. 

Hiroko is of Japanese origin yet was raised in London. 

Lady Hiroko’s age is 78 years old. 

But, her birth details are not available. Besides, her former husband, Sir Fredrick Barclay, is 87 years old as of 2021. 

Sir Frederick Barclay has been ordered to pay his wife Lady Hiroko Barclay a total of £100m as part of divorce proceedings

— Financial News (@FinancialNews) May 6, 2021

Who Is Lady Hiroko Husband?

 Lady Hiroko Barclay’s husband is Sir Fredrick Barclay, who is a billionaire.

They got married in the 1970s. Furthermore, they are parents of Ko Asada Barclay and Amanda Rica Barclay. 

As stated previously, Mr.Barclay is the owner of the Daily Telegraph, which also happens to be his family business since 2004. 

Mrs. Barclay filed a divorce case with her husband because of the unwanted behavior and demanded £120 million, but the court ordered to award her £100 million. 

Also, the settlement mentioned above is one of the highest made by the UK court up until now. 

Sir Barclay wishes for Lady Hirokos’ happiness in the upcoming days. 

Marriage of Telegraph owner Sir Frederick Barclay’s to his wife Lady Hiroko ends

— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) March 22, 2021

Lady Hiroko Net Worth 

Lady Hirko’s net worth is not known to us. 

Also, her source of income is a mystery. But, after the award, we can say her net worth is in the millions. 

In addition to that, her husband is estimated to be at $3.6 billion net worth. 

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