Karen Mentink lost the case against John Olsen. The court proved that she had acted unconscionably.

Karen Mentink drove her mother to the Commonwealth Bank. That was just two months before her death. Along with that, she forced her to withdraw $2.173 million.

Later, we discovered that an additional $30,000 was transferred. She used the money to clear her credit card debt.

Who Is Karen Mentink? Everything On John Olsen Stepdaughter

Karen Mentink is known as the stepdaughter of John Olsen.

Why did wealthy John Olsen feel the need to sue his step-daughter despite their monetary battle over her mother’s estate that impunged upon his???

— Jennifer #TheALLiance Meyer-Smith v LNParasites (@smithmeyerjen) May 10, 2021

Speaking about John, he is a top-rated artist. In fact, he received the 2005 Archibald Prize for his outstanding work in landscape painting.

The Sunday Morning Herald reports that the money was a gift from her mother. In July 2016, she had brain surgery after being frequently distressed.

Karen Mentink Age: How Old Is She?

Karen Mentink has not revealed her age in 2021.

However, we believe that she is in her fifties already. Her mother, Katharine Howard-Olsen, died of cancer at 75 years old.

Her Net Worth Explored

We aren’t sure about Karen Mentink’s net worth.

When she took away the $2.173 million cash, her net worth definitely increased. However, that was not part of her income.

In fact, we do not know anything about her professional life. But, she didn’t need a lot of hard work after receiving such an amount of money.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Clearly, Karen Mentink’s data is not available on Wikipedia.

In one of Herald Sun‘s videos, we spotted her partner, George Lawrence. He had been confronting John in the kitchen.

The estranged stepdaughter of renowned artist John Olsen has lost her battle in an ugly stoush over his late wife’s estate.https://t.co/YYer9wonva

— The Australian (@australian) August 21, 2020

However, we aren’t sure if the couples are married already. Since Karen is a mother, there is a high probability that the two are husband and wife.

Hailing from Bowral, we can confirm that Karen is Australian. But, nothing can be confirmed about her ethnicity at the moment.

Furthermore, she isn’t available on any social media platforms.

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