Jill Henkin Glazer is quite famous as Avram Glazer Wife. However, Avram doesn’t talk much about his personal life.

You might recognize Jill Henkin as the wife of an American businessman who owns Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL. 

Also, Jill Henkin Glazer’s husband Avram is a co-chairman of Manchester United F.C.

Jill Henkin Glazer: Avram Glazer Wife Age and Wikipedia

Jill Henkin age is between 55-60.

We could not access her exact age as of now, but her husband, Avram, is 60 years of age at the moment.

She has not been featured on Wikipedia either. However, her name is mentioned on her husband Avram Glazer’s Wikipedia.

We have no deets available on when did Jill and Avram married each other. But we know that Jill is a Tulane University graduate and member of its board of trustees.

The couple now lives in New Orleans. 

Jill Henkin Glazer Net Worth

Jill Henkin Glazer net worth is estimated to be $1 billion, along with her husband Glaze.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t present you with her individual net worth.

Avram Glazer, part of the family that owns Manchester United, was questioned by Sky News’ US correspondent @sallylockwood.

Read more here: https://t.co/sCXYMLcDgz pic.twitter.com/qEgheNjWg0

— Sky News (@SkyNews) May 4, 2021

Glazer family altogether has around $4.7 billion of net worth as they own the prestigious football team Manchester United.

Avram and Joel’s father, Malcolm Glazer, masterminded the $1.47 billion takeovers of Manchester United between 2003-2005.

He used the money he had earned in real estate, banking, and health care to buy out United shareholders gradually.

Avram Glazer and Jill Henkin Glazer Children and Family

Avram and Jill Henkin Glazer are blessed with two children

Their names are Libby Glazer and Kendall Glazer, who are 26 years and 29 years, respectively.

Despite being born in a billionaire family, they have their own bracelets business, named Stoney Clover Lane, which is located in Palm Beach, NYC, East Hampton, and Newport Beach.

Anyone messaging and harassing Avram Glazer’s daughter should be ashamed of themselves. We’ve just been through a period where men were told to hold other men accountable around their inappropriate behaviour towards women and now this. Grow up for fuck sake.

— Jonny (@ynnoj85) April 21, 2021

They have their own online business Instagram account for customizable accessories and bracelets. 

With this, we can conclude that the Glazer family has definitely got business in their blood.

Furthermore, the family lives in New Orleans for now.

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