Linebacker Jake Ehlinger was found dead. Users on Reddit forward their obituary and condolences. Get to know his brother and age. 

The University of Texas’ linebacker, Jake Ehlinger was found dead near the campus premises. The young football player died at the age of 20. However, no cause of death has been revealed yet. 

The Austin Police do not suspect any foul play at the scene. However, an investigation is still in progress. They found the body on Thursday afternoon. 

Jake Ehlinger Reddit Obituary: Death Cause

Reddit users mourn the death of Jake Ehlinger.

They are forwarding obituary in the NFL group which has over 1.1. million members. 

As for the cause of death, nothing has been revealed until now. He was found dead near the school campus’s area on Thursday afternoon, The Austin Police went to the scene after they received a 911 call. 

Many suspect Jake Ehlinger committed suicide as a death cause.

Jake, who committed to playing football with the University, had a two-year contract with the team. However, he was yet to make an appearance with the college team. 

The K-State Family sends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Jake Ehlinger and his teammates, coaches and staff of @TexasFootball.

— K-State Football (@KStateFB) May 7, 2021

Jake Ehlinger Brother And Parents: Get to know his family

Jake Ehlinger’s brother, Sam Ehlinger plays for the Indianapolis Colts of NFL. 

His brother once played as a quarterback for the Texas Longhorns team. The whole family recently celebrated as Sam was picked by the Colts in the sixth round of the NFL Draft 2021. However, the celebrations were short-lived as they have to deal with a horror tragedy now. 

There’s not much to know about Jake Ehlinger parents. His father, Ross died in 2013. Jake is survived by sister Morgen Ehlinger and his mother Jena Ehlinger

BREAKING: University of Texas linebacker Jake Ehlinger, the younger brother of former Longhorns quarterback Sam Ehlinger, was found dead Thursday near the college campus

— Austin Statesman (@statesman) May 6, 2021

Jake Ehlinger Age And Girlfriend

Jake Ehlinger died at the very young age of 20. 

The linebacker was waiting for his opportunity to play with the Longhorns team. But he couldn’t make an appearance. 

Moreover, Jake Ehlinger didn’t have a girlfriend or partner that is known of. He was quite conservative about his personal life. 

May his departed soul rest in peace, 

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