The voice contestant Gihanna Zoe age might be very young compared to other contestants. However, she has left a remarkable footprint on the show.

Gihanna is a singer based in America who is from Redlands, California. She was a contestant on The Voice season 20 and a member of Team Kelly.

However, both Kelly and Nick competed with each other to take Zoe on their teams.

Gihanna Zoe Age and Height 

The singer Gihanna age is 17 years, as revealed by herself on the show.

Kelly seemed to be surprised on the show about how great her singing was at such a young age.

Moreover, she stated that she was into singing from the age of 5 and used to sing in the church as her father was a pastor, as per The Voice Fandom.

Gihanna Zoe’s height details are missing.

However, as we look at her, she appears to be at the height of 5 feet 5 inches tall. 

She is also fond of writing, and to date, she has written two movies. 

Meet Her Boyfriend and Family

Gihanna Zoe doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend at the moment.

She seems to be focused on her career as she has not revealed anything about her love life.

Likewise, nothing about Gihanna’s parents is known till now. We know that her mother did appear on the show, but her identity was not disclosed.

Whereas, as mentioned earlier, her father is a pastor whose name is hidden.

Is The Singer On Instagram?

Like many other voice contestants, Gihanna is also famous on Instagram.

She currently has more than 9500 followers on the platform and is available under the username @gihannazoe.

You can see her Instagram bio, mentioning that she belongs to the Top 17 on The Voice Season 20.

She has also mentioned her pronoun as She/her on the bio.

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