Sofie Dossi’s sibling Zak Dossi current age is 21 years old. Zak is nearly 1 year 8 months older than his famous sister.

Zak Dossu is a popular music producer best known as the brother of Sofie Dossie.

Sofie was one of the contortionists of America’s Got Talent Season 11, where she reached up to the final.

On the other hand, Zac Dossi is an Instagram celebrity.

Zac Dossi Age

Music producer Zac Dossi’s actual age is 21 years old. 

He was born in 1999 and celebrates his birthday on 24th October every year. 

According to his birth details, his zodiac sign is Scorpio.  

Similarly, Zac Dossi is 1 year 7 months 28 days older than his sibling Soffie Dossie. Since, she was born on June 21, 2001. 

Zak Dossi Wikipedia and Instagram

Until today, Zak Dossie is not on the official page of Wikipedia. 

But, we are hopeful Zac will soon get an official Wikipedia bio under his name.

Zac is famous for his popular creation of remix songs on his YouTube channel and his self-titled SoundCloud.

His YouTube channel is named as @Zac Dossie has been subscribed by 99.5k  subscribers but hasn’t posted any videos yet. 

Since he is active on his sister’s YouTube channel: Sofie Dossi, who has incredibly 6.05 million Subscribers. 

Mostly, Zack and Sofie appear together in the YouTube videos. 

Besides this, Zac has good skills in piano and guitar playing. 

Zac Dossie Family 

Zac Dossie’s family consists of four members.

Zac Dossi and Soffie Dossie are the incredible children of Mike Dossi and Abir Dossi.

According to IN4FP, Zac was born and raised in Orange Country, California along with his younger sister Sofie Dossie. 

Zak Dossi Instagram

Zak Dossi is active on Instagram as @zakdossi.

He has been followed by 122k followers and following only 461 Instagrammers. 

Zac is regularly active through Instagram stories, but he has only 20 posts yet. 

In addition, he has a sweet and short bio “pain is temporary, swag is forever” on his Instagram.

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