What Happened To JJ Chalmers Arms? Let’s learn exclusively about his disability and how he sustained his life-long injuries. 

JJ Chalmers, aka John-James Chalmers, is a British television presenter and public speaker. 

Chalmers won a medal in non-amputee cycling for Britain at the Invictus Games in 2014.

Furthermore, He won a gold medal for the Men’s IRecB1 Recumbent Circuit Race and two bronze medals for the 1-mile time trial, and a 4*100m mixed relay race. 

Furthermore, Chalmers is a former Royal Marine reservist and served in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. 

What Happened To JJ Chalmers Arms? Injuries Update

JJ Chalmers sustained severe injuries while he was stationed in Afghanistan. 

He was involved in a horrific explosion when he was on foot patrol.  

Consequently, Chalmers suffered from a multitude of injuries that included a burst eardrum and crushed eye socket. 

His arms were also serious injured in the explosion.

It destroyed his elbow, blew holes in his legs, and his two fingers were missing in one of his hands.

Chalmers had stated that he had never experienced pain to such an extent.

He could not feel his arms. His right arm felt like it wasn’t even there, and he’d lost all of his fingers on his left hand. 

Furthermore, Chalmers was put into a coma as the medics carried on with the treatment. He was treated in a hospital in Birmingham, United Kingdom. 

Chalmers woke up a week later, and his arm was sewn into his stomach, his hands were smashed, and he had a distinct impression that he could never walk again. 

He underwent thirty surgical operations, numerous skin grafts, and facial reconstruction surgeries for his eyes and legs. 

However, Chalmers did not let his disability define him in any way.

After recuperating from his injuries, he became a part of Team UK at the Invictus Games and won medals in cycling. 

JJ Chalmers Wife- Is He Married?

JJ Chalmers is married to his wife, Kornelia Chalmers. 

Also, he welcomed two children, a son, and a daughter, with his wife. 

However, his kids’ names are not yet disclosed to the media. 

Similarly, aside from his wife’s name, there is virtually no information about her job and life. 

JJ Chalmers Age- How Old Is He? 

JJ Chalmers’s age is 34 years old. 

He was born in the year 1986 and celebrated his birthday on the 20th of December every year. 

JJ Chalmers Wikipedia Bio

According to his official Wikipedia, JJ Chalmers is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, majoring in Bachelor of Education. 

Regarding his family, his father, John Chalmers, was the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. 

There has been no mention of his mother in the media. 

After his graduation, Chalmers worked as a craft, design, and technology professor at Balerno Community High School in Edinburgh. 

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