Fans of Shatta Wale, who are known are SM fans have finally given reason why they are not purchasing the Reign album which was released in a grand style last Saturday.

The Reign enough immediately grabbed a top position on the iTunes charts but dropped like Usain Bolt in a 100-meter race. The Album is currently finding its way out of the charts.

SM fans have been blamed for not buying the album which has contributed to its poor performance on various digital platforms.

To shift blames, SM fans have voiced out that all their monies are with Menzgold and as such they have nothing on them.

“Shatta Wale told us to invest with Menzgold. As loyal fans, we did. Now we are not getting dividends or our monies back. We have no money on us to buy the album. We promise to buy as soon as Menzgold pays us our dividends” – the fans jointly said repeatedly like a poem recitation.

The went on to say that, if it hadn’t been Shatta Wale who provided free buses and tickets to them, they wouldn’t have been able to attend the event.

However, CEO of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah was no where to be found for his comments at the time of taking this satiric piece to press.