Trump and Kenyatta  IMAGE: R/SACHS

Trump and Kenyatta IMAGE: R/SACHS


“Give more visas to Ghana and Kenya” – Trump orders as Ghanaians and Kenyans leave the US before their visas expire

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United States President Donald Trump is not only banning countries who abuse their visas from traveling to the U.S but has also started rewarding ‘immigration risk’ countries that have turned over a new leaf and obeying their visa terms.

Nigeria and five other countries including Tanzania were added to Trump’s travel ban as nationals of the countries affected fail to leave the United States after the expiry of their visas.

As a means of rewarding countries that have kept “clean sheets” on the illegal migration table, Trump has ordered U.S Embassies abroad to issue more visas to Ghana and Kenya nationals.

According to Trump, citizens of Ghana and Kenya have for the past few years stayed in the United States within the terms of their visas and leave before they expire. “I’m proud of you guys”, Trump said.

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