Actor Nana Tornado believes the Bible is just a manual and was brought to us by the slave masters.

He recently posted a picture on social media which went viral to prove his claims, the Bible, Quran and other holy book are nothing but a manual to us.
He has made another revelation concerning his claims on OkayFm studios indicating that the Bible wasn’t written by God, but was written by our colonial masters and that there is no way he would believe such a story.
He said all religion book was inverted by men.
According to him, the holy books are slave manuals and need to be trashed as that’s they are supposed to placed in the toilet, that’s where they belong to.
Nana Tornado is one of those who doesn’t believe in the Bible.
He further concluded that her daughter Francine will never believe that and even say that he was lying.
But when he was asked if he believes in God he said yes.

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