Ghanaians have been hit with good news today as the United States lifts a ban that was placed on Ghanaians making the US visa-free for Ghanaian passport holders.

The United States lifted the visa restrictions on Ghanaians and with effect from January 17, 2020, which automatically waives visa requirement for holders of all types of Ghanaian passports.

Ghanaians on social media have welcomed the news with joy as they express gratitude to President Akufo Addo for attaining such feat that would enable Ghanaians to travel to the United States without visas.

For some Ghanaians abroad, the news is a bad one. Ghanaians awaiting deportation see 2020 as Year of Return since the government of Ghana has facilitated their deportation as part of the visa-free agreement.

Ghana Foreign Affairs minister is expected to address the nation with directives on how Ghanaians wishing to travel to the United States can do so without visas.