TV3 Date Rush TV Show: Concept, Showing Time, Host And History [Watch Repeat]

The search for love has now gone technological, and it appears that the numerous dating sites are still inadequate when it comes to the very complex issue of finding that special someone.

Ghana’s leading free-to-air channel, TV3, realized that void and in partnership with Rush Energy Drink, the nation’s premium energy drink, decided to introduce an ultimate dating reality show, dubbed DATE RUSH to fill it.

Date Rush show was launched on 2nd November 2018 and is presently in its third year. The third edition or season of Date Rush was premiered on 1st March 2020.

How does TV3 Date Rush work?

The show features an eligible bachelor and 10 elegant ladies wherein the bachelor must walk through “fire and brimstone” to convince one of the ladies to go on a date with him.

It runs for thirteen weeks and it sees a bachelor try his best to win a date with one of the featured maidens every week.
The bachelor has to get the attention of the ladies, culminating in a desire of the ladies to want to go out on a date with him. All these transpire in four stages. In the early stages, the ladies must decide whether they like the bachelor or not, and they do this by either switching off their lights (disapproval) or keeping their lights on (approval).

The game show is for single eligible gentlemen to get a special date with a lady
The game show is for single eligible gentlemen to get a special date with a lady

In the closing stages, the bachelor will also have his pick of the pack as the ultimate decision to pick the person he’ll like to go on a date with rests with him. He does so by turning off the light of the lady (disapproval) and whiles leaving the light of his preferred choice, on. Note that at this stage, only two ladies will be available.

If the bachelor successfully finds his date, the pair lands an all-expenses-paid date. In subsequent episodes, the pair will share their experiences with the viewers.

The show has gained grounds this year and it has been described by top-notch media players as a revolutionary entertainment programme. The show which is hosted by Nii Kpakpo Thompson, airs every Sunday at 8PM.

This season’s edition will end with a two-day couples’ treat at a luxurious hotel with mouthwatering activities such as club night, couples counselling sessions and interviews.