Tim Rock’s wife, Aimee Carrero, is an American actress originally from the Dominican Republic. Scroll down to know about their marital life. 

Tim Rock will be starring in the upcoming dark comedy film Big Gold Brick. It will release on February 25, 2022, in the USA. 

Who Is Tim Rock Wife Aimee Carrero? Let’s Explores His Married Life

Tim Rock’s wife is a Dominican-born American actress well known for her role in Hollywood TV shows and movies. On August 20, 2016, the couple chose to spend the rest of their lives together and exchanged vows. They did, however, become engaged in November of 2015.

Aimee has also presented herself as the voice actor in She-Ra’s Netflix animated series and the Princess of Power. She has voiced Adora in the show. Similarly, she has shown her skill as Princess Elena on the Disney Channel. 

Also, she debuted in a feature film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel in 2009. Additionally, in 2011 she was cast in a live-action film in the Cartoon Network, Level Up. 

Tim seems to be very happily married to his wife. He keeps sharing his memories with his wife on the internet. 

We’re sorry, but we don’t know anything about the couple’s marriage. They haven’t yet become parents. Instead, it appears that both of them have been concentrating on their careers. 

Learn About Tim Rock Family- Here Is What You Need To Know

Tim Rock, a former stage actor, has not revealed his family. Nevertheless, he might be thinking of starting his own with his beloved wife. 

Unlike him, there are few details on his spouse’s family. She was born to a Dominican mother, Mary Carrero, and a Puerto Rican father, Rodney Carrero. Her birthplace is Santo Domingo. 

She was brought up in Miami, Florida, and is also an alumna of Florida International University. She graduated with an International Relations degree in 2008. 

Tim Rock Net Worth Explored

Tim Rock’s net worth is not known yet by the public. However, the actor was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award Citation in 2006 for his supporting role. Nevertheless, the actor who is also a writer must have impressive wealth. 

He works as a stage actor at the beginning of his life. But in today’s date, he is a reputed screen artist in the industry. However, his Instagram account has not yet been verified. 

Nevertheless, his wife, Aimee Carrero, is a verified user with over 289K followers in her IG. Moreover, she shares her professional and personal life among her fan followings.  

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