The latest Kink Test Quiz on TikTok is testing the limits of people’s kinkiness. Here’s what we know about the trend.

TikTok is home to several new trends, among which the Kink Test Quiz is taking hold in recent times.

Test to determine’s personality in different aspects is nothing new, people do it all the time on the web. But, with TikTok, it’s mostly about adult content.

Viral kink trends on TikTok included the BDSM test, the Rice Purity Test, the Sweet Home Alabama trends, and so on.

The Kink Test Quiz also follows the same pattern: people are asked a series of multiple-choice questions to find out one’s kink or to determine what kind of kinkster a person actually is.

What Is Kink Test Quiz On TikTok?

The Kink Test Quiz on TikTok consists of a list of questions and answers, which the contestant has to answer to determine his/her kinkiness.

There are several such kink tests on TikTok, including the Rice Purity Test, BDSM Test, the Sweet Home Alabama Test, and more.

The term “Kinky” means showing unusual behavior. Although it generally implies sexual behavior, it can also involve other activities.

Further, there are several sites that hold Q&As to test the kinkiness of a person. For instance, BDSM Test has been conducting such quizzes since 2014.

Questions and Answers: What Are Your Kinks?

The Kink Test Quiz on TikTok usually asks a series of horny questions, which the participants should answer. 

Also, the participants must answer the questions with respect to a percentage. The questions are generally like “To what degree or percentage, does a weird activity satisfy you?

If the answer yields a lower percentage, then you’re probably not too kinky. But, if the answer occupy the higher spectrum, then your’re probably more kinkier than others.

Similarly, the questions can be asked about different things, including, one’s favorite place to involve in an activity, partner preference, punishment, and so on.

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