‘Philomina’ hitmaker Tic, formerly known as Tic Tac, has reversed his decision of re-branding to Tic and now wants to be known by his former name Tic Tac.

Tic said the name to change from Tic Tac to Tic was because he was not ranking well on Search Engines despite ranking first on all major search engines, including YouTube and PornHub.

Google and all other search engines during Facebook’s F8 Summit decided to take Tic out of the internet and truly Tic is no where to be found on the web. (You may verify by googling ‘Tic’).

“I was really disturbed and confused when changing the name to Tic and now that I’m no where to be found, I’m going back to Tic Tac” – Tic Tac, recently known as Tic, and now Tic Tac, told [email protected].