Sidney Hammond is an assaulter of the black race and, he brutally attacked an Asian man. Let’s find out.

Sidney brutally attacked an Asian man Bruce while he was walking his 1-year-old son in San Francisco.

He continuously punched him until police pulled him away.

Sidney Hammond was arrested by the patrolling police on 30 April and will be charged with several felonies.

Also, he recently got out of jail after being arrested for burglary.

Sidney Hammond Race: Is He Black?

Sidney Hammond is a 26-year-old man of the black race.

He is originally from Africa and is currently residing in the US.

Bruce had done nothing wrong and inflicted no fight, so it seems that the case is of racial violence.

An Asian father walking his baby in push chair in San Francisco is attacked by black man for no reason

— Citizen 1 (@citizen1448) May 5, 2021

Sidney Hammond Mugshot Photo

Sidney Hammond’s mugshot photo has not surfaced on the internet.

However, the video of Sidney’s attack on Bruce has gone viral.

He suddenly comes from behind and punches him 14 times. During the incident, Bruce loses his hand on his kid’s stroller, and it keeps rolling.

Shocking surveillance video shows a black man repeatedly punching an Asian man pushing a stroller in a random, unprovoked attack in San Francisco. Sidney Hammond was arrested. He was recently released after getting arrested for burglary. #StopAsianHate

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) May 5, 2021

Sidney Hammond SF Asian Attack & Arrest Details

Sidney Hammond attacked an Asian man, Bruce, in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood on 30 April 2021.

He appeared from the man’s behind and pushed him to the floor. After that, he punched him several times and did not have the intention to stop. 

As per Meaww, the patrolling police came at the right time and pulled Sidney away to stop the attack. He was immediately arrested and was taken into custody. 

Bruce’s security concerns were shattered after the incident.

He did not provoke Sidney. But despite that, he was being beaten by Hammond whilst his child’s stroller was rolling away.

The victim felt quite helpless and went to grab his child’s stroller after Hammond stopped punching him.

The District Attorney’s office will file multiple charges on him, including several felonies and misdemeanors.

Previously, Sidney was arrested for burglary but was released shortly.

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