Founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has in a recent interview commented on Shatta Wale’s success and the source of his prosperity.

In Ghana, when you become successful, many people attribute it to some magical powers. But Nigel has said that this isn’t the case of the dancehall musician.Speaking on his relationship with Shatta Wale’s mother, the controversial man of God said, the artiste’s mother used to bring his photo to them at church so that they can pray for him.Nigel claims Shatta Wale is as successful as we see today because of the prayers of his mother.

“If you see a successful person, don’t think they went to collect some secret powers. Shatta is successful because he has a mother who prays for him. Due to client confidentiality, I won’t say much. But those times at End Time Resurrection Power Mission, his mother (Shatta’s mom) used to bring his picture for them to pray for him. Those days he was known as Bandana. So it is those prayers that has made him big today. So if you’re a mother, pray for your children.”, Nigel said.

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