Veteran Ghanaian musician, Rex Omar and Socrate Safo have ‘clashed’ over NPP government’s decision to create a Creative Arts Court in the country.

During a discussion on Neat FM’s ‘Entertainment GH’ program hosted by Ola Michael, Rex Omar a staunch member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) argued that the establishment of the court won’t be necessary. He rather opted for a Creative Arts tribunal.

Meanwhile, Socrate Safo, who represented the NPP on the program stressed that the availability of the court will help to protect the intellectual property of Creative Arts players in the country.

In the midst of the discussion, Rex Omar stated that he won’t waste his time on Socrate because it appears he had no information on the subject.

“I don’t waste time with people who don’t have information,” he stated.

“If you go into the Copyright Act, there is a provision for a copyright tribunal but the tribunal has not been created. You’re here saying that is why we’re setting up a Creative Arts court. There’s nowhere in the world like Creative Arts court. If it is now that Ghanaians are going to create it, I don’t know. I know we have something called the copyright court because copyright cuts across; everything we do incorporates copyright. Especially the creative economy, everything has to do with copyright,” Rex Omar maintained.

Watch the video below.