If you have not heard Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings’ views on the commissioning of the ambulances by His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo, it is because he regarded the news as fake.

The former president has said that he treated all reports about the commissioning of the ambulances as fake news as he never expected such. “I was shocked to see it happening on TV”, he told group of journalists at his residence.

Ghanaians converged at the Black Star Square to celebrate what the government calls an unprecedented milestone and breakthrough in the history of the nation.

The Black Star Square, formerly called the Independence Square, is where Ghana marks its major national events such as the celebration of the nation’s independence at which Kwame Nkrumah declared that “the black man is capable of managing his own affairs.”

Ghana’s Information Minister has said the venue was carefully chosen to give meaning to the significance of the day and inspire hope in the current generation of Ghanaians and the continent as whole.

“The President is almost 76 years. It is safe to say he is a grandfather to a good number of the nation’s voting population. He is preoccupied with legacy programmes that will change the thinking of young people from mediocrity to excellence,” he said.

“An innovation of this nature, apart from its benefit to the nation, is also meant to inspire the youth to aspire for the highest global standards,” the Information Minister said.

The programme was telecast live on national television and radio in Ghana. Productivity was halted in some important state institutions for hours as many government officials were in attendance to help the president outdoor this novel initiative. Government appointees are also expected to sleep on social media, singing praises and silencing those who hold contrary views about today’s ceremony.

This comes at a time when some countries have stopped being fussy about launching spacecraft, some people have criticised the noise being made by the Ghanaian government on today’s event. The information minister disagrees with them.

“You cannot compare this to space science, the manufacturing of airplanes or bullet trains,” the Information Minister said.

Portions copied from Manasseh Azure’s Facebook Wall.
Additional Reporting by Editor-in-Chief Baffour Gyawu.