The psychic pig Mystic Marcus that predicted President Donald Trump’s election victory picked Nigeria and Argentina as semi-finalists for the Russia 2018 World Cup.

After Nigeria’s poor performance against Croatia, football fans began to doubt if the prediction still holds.

After series of consultations to have the pig make a new reconfirm his prediction, the psychic says Nigeria will play semi-finals despite poor performance.

Spokesperson and interpreter for the psychic pig says if even Nigeria decides not to train or even play their best, they will still reach semi-finals.

“This is spiritual and nothing can change it. They can decide not to train or even receive 12 red cards, they will still play semi-finals.” – the interpreter said.

The psychic pig has a history of predicting a victor – and is planning to proceed with his whole record for this current summer’s World Cup, thesportsbay reports.

Mystic Marcus has a 100 per cent track reputation of foreseeing sports outcomes as indicated by his owner Juliette Stevens.

The black micro pig has previously guessed the winners of the 2014 World Cup and the Wimbledon tennis finals by picking apples.