For the first time since it’s establishment in 1957 (When Ghana attained independence), the Pepperdem Ministries have failed to support a woman and their reasons have been described by many as convincing.

Managing Editor of [email protected] Baffour Gyawu who was at the press conference said the decision by the Pepperdem Ministries would go a long way to protect women in the country.

The Pepperdem Ministries said though the woman was beaten in the bout, the Policeman did well for not considering the woman in her but handled her as a colleague man.

“People are basing their argument on the fact that a woman was beaten. No they fought. The policeman saw her as a colleague and we love that” – they said.

They added that this is an indication that their campaign of ensuring gender equality and that women are not looked down at is getting results.

“We wanted men and women to be seen as same and here we are with results” they added.

They applauded the Policeman for such gesture and promised to come out with measures to help the officer in the legal process.

“Pepperdem pepperdem pepperdem – men and women are same” – they chanted.