Patapaa has landed a deal to perform in China for Kickers FC where Ghanaian defender Steve Puffty plays.

Steve Puffty, who is a Pa2pa Soja, cooked the mouthwatering deal for Patapaa.

Steve Puffty and team mate Shuin Tai

Patapaa says Puffty is currently in Ghana to help him with his Chinese visa for his performance at the club’s Gala Night in May. $30,000 has already been settled, Patapaa confirmed.

Puffty came down to meet and pay Patapaa

Puffty told the media that the team enjoys Ghana’s music because of him and they couldn’t do away with the Skopatumana challenge.

Skopatumana is taking Patapaa places. If you’ve not yet captured the lyrics, read them below:

till patu pataa
skoska to mana
till da pop dada
sko pa to mana
filo di si dadaa
kati don panpana
ma don go don
ma ga da zen zen
na dan bam badan
ko danko kedo
kra po aba
tsu seyy

VGMA 2020 will be sweet for Patapaa..