It’s been a while you read or heard about the construction of Ghana’s National Cathedral.

The building of the cathedral is in limbo after $40 million gathered through donations is nowhere to be found.

The incident which was noticed weeks ago has now managed to reach the media.

The Board of Trustee told journalist that, indeed the $40 million cannot be located and all efforts to trace it have proved futile.

The PRO explained that, the money was first withdrawn to acquire building materials and pay the architect for the various drawings but plans changed and the money also changed hands between several board members after others said they were too busy to make these payments on behalf of the board.

He continued to explain that, the change of plans was to stop acquiring building materials and first compensate the Judges who were sacked to pave way for the construction. At this point, it was not clearly known who was in possession of the $40 million but records indicated that all the judges have been compensated, however, the Judges insist no funds have reached them as at today.

As at the time of filing this report, other construction works, other than the building of the National Cathedral, were ongoing at the construction sites, this, the PRO explains that some donors have legally acquired the land after monies for the construction went missing.

President Akufo Addo, who is yet to release funds promised, donated the promised GHS 100,000 towards the construction. Former AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzibor also raised thousands of Euros from Germany to support the cathedral.