Learning French in Ghana schools has become compulsory as part of NPP’s FREE SHS policy.

Ghanaians were recently shocked after government made the announcement that French is Ghana’s second language.

President Akufo Addo has come out to clarify the reason for his sudden love for the French language after saying months ago that Chinese would be taught in basic schools.

According to Nana, he personally speaks French and loves the language a lot. He revealed that learning French and making it a second language will make it easy for Ghanaians to migrate to Togo especially this moment when things are difficult.

“We need to speak French frequently to be able to stay in Togo. This will make migration easy for Ghanaians who are running from the current economic mess”, the All Die Be Die crooner said.

Nana Addo made this comment in an exclusive interview with Jubilee House’s Satirist Attachee Baffour Gyawu.