Menzgold most-used picture. This must win an award.

Menzgold most-used picture. This must win an award.


Good news for investors as Menzgold upgrades Ghana and Global status to Africa

Investors should be smiling and walking their way to the bank very soon as Chief Satirist Baffour Gyawu intercepts documents that indicate that the gold dealing firm, Menzgold, is soaring to greater heights; from Grace to Grace, Adom to Adom.

According to the documents, Menzgold has now reached its peak of taking charge of Africa’s gold hub. The firm started as Ghana’s gold hub, grew up to become Global Gold Hub and has now gotten higher to become Africa’s gold hub. Congratulations!

The CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, confirmed this in his first tweet after returning from hibernation. He hinted that Menzgold is now a vibrant fire promising African brand.

Baffour Gyawu is still on the grounds gathering more information. Bookmark this page, keep refreshing or keep visiting back for updates as we upload the entire documents for your viewing pleasure.

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