Menzgold most-used picture. This must win an award.

Menzgold most-used picture. This must win an award.


BREAKING NEWS: Menzgold customers to be arrested for investing in fake business – Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu obtains arrest warrant

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Ghana’s Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, has said that investors of Menzgold Ghana Limited will be arrested and prosecuted for investing in a fake business.

Martin Amidu was at the Accra Circuit Court today to apply for a warrant to arrest all investors of Menzgold for promoting a Ponzi Scheme.

According to the Special Prosecutor, investing in a fake business means owning a share in the said business and as such it automatically means you are one of the owners.

“Menzgold asked them to invest, and they invested. Investing in an illegal activity is just like promoting it and they have to face the laws of the land”, Martin Amidu said.

It’s reported that nearly 2 million Ghanaians invested with the firm. This means that Nsawam and other Prisons in Ghana would have to be expanded to accommodate the investors.

This is work of fiction and it will be updated as and when updates are available.

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