Ghanaian gospel musician, Patience Nyarko has opened up about why she is still not married.

Speaking in an interview with Dr. Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra, she stated that marriage, to her is not a priority and even for a lot of people. “Marriage is not everyone’s priority. On this earth, it is not everyone that is destined to marry. The women are even more than the men so it should not be by force that I should want to get married at all cost”, she said.

According to the singer, people should not be desperate to get married but “If by God’s grace you find someone, that’s fine and if you don’t, it is also fine”.

This came after she was asked by Dr. Cann what she thinks of gospel musicians who get married and later get a divorce. She replied that to her, it is normal.

Patience explained that any gospel musician or pastor is still a normal human being just like everyone else, therefore, when a random person goes through tough times in a marriage and decides that he or she cannot go on with the marriage any longer, a different reaction should not be expected of a pastor or gospel musician when they face the same troubles in their marriages.

“If I’m a gospel musician and my partner is giving me troubles at home, since I’m a gospel artiste, I can’t complain because people are looking to me as an inspiration to live their lives and to hold up their marriages. If I’m a pastor and my husband beats me, I can’t tell anyone because people come to me as Pastor’s wife to help them solve their marital problems”.

Patience Nyarko noted that these, among many reasons, are why pastors and gospel singers do not complain when their marriages are not going well, however, people should know that if they are finally able to come out to talk about it or a ask for a divorce, then it has gotten to that critical stage that they cannot endure any longer, hence quit judging them.

SOURCE: Happy 98.9FM