Ghana and Malta signed an Air Service Agreement and a visa waiver for Diplomatic passport holders.

Maltese Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Carmelo Abela, who signed on behalf of Malta, says President of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo rejected a policy to allow ordinary passport holders of both countries to visit each other without visas.

“We wanted to have that relationship of free movement with Ghana but we were forced to limit to Diplomatic passport holders only when Ghana rejected”, Carmelo Abela said.

Carmelo made this revelation as part of a message delivered at a graduation ceremony at the University of Malta when he hinted on Maltese efforts to widen its international relations.

Ghana, a country in West Africa, is considered by Russia as a “Migration Risk Region” but Carmelo said messures were put in place to reduce the risk on the country and the Schengen area as a whole and laughing Carmelo joked that the President “didn’t trust his people and feared of losing voters to illegal migration”.

The minister added that Air Malta will be making its maiden flight to the region soon.

The two nations also signed other agreements on the agreed minutes of the second meeting at the technical level on Ghana, Malta permanent joint commission on full bilateral cooperation, and double taxation. The two countries also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on medicine, tourism and culture, and a Memorandum of Understanding on a Visa Waiver Agreement for Diplomatic Passports. The agreements and Memoranda of Understanding were signed as part of President Akufo Addo’s two-day state visit to the country.

Source: NEWS AP