Thousands of people are said to have reported at the South Africa Visa Application Center in Accra today to apply for South Africa visas.

This mad rush for visas come after South Africa announced that Marijuana has been legalised for private use.

The visa applicants have been grouped into batches and the application center says only 200 people would be attended to daily.

“I have been given a number to come in October. I’m very happy and can’t wait to go to South Africa to enjoy myself freely” – Baffour Gyawu, one of the applicants told [email protected]

Marijuana possession has never been a crime in South Africa but the country officially decriminalised it Tuesday.

Other South African embassies across the globe have welcomed a great number of visa applicants who are traveling to the Mandella country to have a taste of Marijuana without any fears.

The embassy in Ghana has provided a special additional forms for persons traveling to taste Marijuana and visas are free of charge. “We are giving out the visas for free because we expect our Marijuana to boost South African tourism”, the embassy’s spokesperson told [email protected]