Liverpool lost out to Read Madrid in a dramatic champions league finals in Kiev that saw their goal keeper Karius predictably catching more winds than balls in post for the vociferous and soccer defiants of English football – Liverpool.

Liverpool were left to walk alone this time on the streets of Kiev without the UEFA Champions league trophy which they so hardly wanted.

Deep throat gossip links the abysmal performance of the keeper to the influential Kwasi Nyantakyi who might have had the keeper in this pocket for a few betting coins which caused him to let in two kindergarten goals that cost 5 million and 3 million dollars each.

When [email protected] contacted his, he confirmed the goal keeper was actually in his pocket since this is the last time he may have the change to pocket some few betting dollars before that Anas guy come doing his thing again.

We will keep tracking, to bring readers up to speed with further happenings on how Karius allowed such easy goals just like doing business in Ghana