ATARI Construction Company, the contractors who built Kotoka International Airport, have said that the Government Official One mentioned in the Airbus scandal pocketed $120 million in their company’s name.

According to Mr. Divine Scott, who speaks for the construction firm, their company was forced to issue documents to show receipt of $240 million whereas they received just $120 million. “For fears of losing the contract, we had no choice than to agree to such terms”, Mr. Scott said.

Mr. Scott added that their firm still had to part away some millions to Intermediary 5 and 6 before landing the contract.

Mr. Scott says an official report was sent to the Jubilee House two weeks ago after government officials contacted their company for details of the contract.

“Names of Government Official One, Intermediary 5 and 6 are just as described in the Airbus scandal”, Scott added.