For the first time Africa has been spared with the cemetery tag as leaders and politicians who live their lives abroad are buried in Africa when they die.

The late former UN Secretary General, Dr. Kofi Annan has broken record as the first son from Africa with high recognition to be buried outside Africa.

An empty casket was shipped to from Switzerland to Ghana for a state burial of the empty casket while the body remains in Switzerland for a proper burial.

Ghanaians who are noted to love dead bodies were disappointed when they were greeted with this news. Many mourned triple not just because they lost a loved one but because they couldn’t see the body of Kofi Annan. That’s like mourning three dead persons.

A date for the proper burial in Switzerland is yet to be announced.

Funeral Mourners Association of Ghana (FMAG) are angry and have threatened court action for the real burial to be held in Ghana.

In other development, Ghanaians in the diaspora have requested that they are given state burials when they die as they also represent Ghana in foreign lands.