Traditional Ghanaian musician, Albert Apoozore, well known as King Ayisoba, has said he is the best musician in Ghana.

He claimed no musician can be compared to him both in the past and in recent times.

King Ayisoba bragged that no musician in the country has had International exposure as he has gotten.

Interestingly, Ayisoba disclosed the foreigners admire him than any Ghanaian musician. He emphasized the number of countries he has performed there—which helped promote the name of Ghana.

He made this statement when speaking with Mona Gucci on Kantanka TV. King Ayisoba added that musicians who do something different from the masses get recognition outside the country.

He indicated that Wiyaala, Sherifa Gunu, Atongo and himself are being recognized outside the shores of the country because of their unique styles.

King Ayisoba wished the respect and recognition they’ve gotten in Europe and other places would be the same in their homeland-Africa.