Rosemond Brown faked a suicide attempt just to be in the news.

A lady acted as Patapaa’s girlfriend and even faked a broken-heart, she’s now a celeb.

Another lady lied that she’s having a child with Actor Dabo, she’s now a celeb.

Looks like it’s sweet to be in the news.

Nana Yaw Opoku aka Junior US, Shatta Wale’s friend in the USA, who sent Showboy to jail for stabbing him with knife, is reportedly shot dead.

Could this be true?

The only person telling the world about this incident is Akuapem rapper Pope Skinny. Pope Skinny’s facial expression in the video doesn’t really represent the news.

Videos are circulating online indicating that Police stormed Junior US’ house after the incident. Nothing in the video shows the house is where Junior US lives. These videos are available on the internet and anyone could just pick one and add some captions.

Another video of him lying in a pool of blood with someone giving some commentary in the background. That’s a crime scene and WTF are you doing there? Where were you when he was shot?

And the U.S media missed this? WOW … how possible? There’s no news of this incident in the U.S media.

Shatta Wale too, instead of sending his condolence, rather took advantage to promote his music video. This really casts doubts if the guy is really dead.

May be this is a strategy for Pope Skinny and Shatta Wale to end their fake feud and fake a reunion.