Julia’s Sorkin’s net worth is not revealed yet, but his ex-husband Aaron Sorkin’s net worth is estimated to be $90 million. Let’s find out.

Julia Sorkin is a lawyer by profession. 

Julia Sorkin married Hollywood legend Aaron Sorkin in 1996.

But Sadly, the couple separated nearly after decades in 2005.

Similarly, Aaron Sorkin wrote an open letter to his daughter Roxy and ex-wife Julia after Donald Trump won the 45th presidency of the United States, which became media headlines at that time.

The detail about the letter can be found in many online media.


What Is Julia Sorkin Net Worth?

Julia Sorkin’s net worth isn’t stated by any online sources yet. 

Since Julia is a lawyer and ex-wife of Hollywood legend Aaron Sorkin, we are sure her net worth must be impressive. 

In 2005, Julia Bingham Sorkin gifted a home by Aaron in Beverly Hills, for which Aaron paid $5 million.

According to 2020 updates of Celebrity Net Worth, and 2021 updates of @TheTthings, Aaron’s net worth is $90 million. 

Aron’s primary source of income is from his screenwriting. 

Hence, Julia Sorkin’s net worth sources are not revealed yet on any online media.

Julia Sorkin Age and Wikipedia

Julia Sorkin seems to be onto the age of 40-45, judging by her career and image. 

However, there is no exact information regarding Julia’s actual date of birth, along with her age. 

There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Aron’s Sorkin’s Ex-WIfe, Julia Sorkin, while Aaron Sorkin’s has an official Wikipedia page. 

Aaron Sorkin is a multitalented Hollywood personality who is a famous screenwriter, film director, actor, and playwright. 

In addition, Sorkin’s main plays include To Kill a Mocking Bird, A Few Good Man; also, TV series include The West Wing (1999-2000) and The Newsroom (2012-2014).  

Aaron Sorkin is the winner of the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay.


Julia Sorkin Family: Aaron Sorkin Ex-Wife 

From Aaron Sorkin, Julia has one daughter named Roxy. 

There is not much information regarding Julia Sorkin’s present family. 

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