One of the suspended judges from the Anas exposure has ordered shatta Wale to pay an amount of GHS 25,200 for showing his big penis in public. According to the Judge, the indecent act of the king of dancehall is a total disrespect to him, the country and Africa as a whole.

Justice Derry who sat on the case said he has never seen such a big penis in his life. According to him, he used to watch series of porn videos in his youthful days but he has never seen a dangling penis like the one displayed by shatta in his whole life.

“According to the exhibit, the size is three times that of Wisa Greid’s and as such he’s paying three times what Wisa paid” – the judge said.

Shatta Wale made a short video of himself in a swimming pool where he clearly showed his penis to the whole public in the video.

When our team contacted Shatta to hear why he displayed his penis knowing very well that it is against the law, he first declined to comment on the issue but later on contacted us and explained his point.

“You all know I won’t do that intentionally. I took a little dose of Tramadol and before jumping into the pool. I didn’t even remember taking such a video. I just started receiving calls from my movement asking me why the penis was dangling?”

He went ahead to add – ” I’m the most respected artiste in this country and there’s no way I will allow the whole public to see what I always use on Shatta Michy like that, don’t blame me – blame Tramadol.”