Joint 77 – Take Me Out Of Your WhatsApp Groups Warns SM Fans Who Keep Adding Him To Their Group

Joint 77 the formal militants of the SM camp has given a strong warning to all Shatta Movement fans who keeps adding him to their Whatsapp groups which has no benefit to him.

According to the video cited on officialghbase Instagram post, Joint 77 was seen giving strong warning to the SM fans who keeps adding him to the SM WhatsApp group chats.

He said that he doesn’t know why they keep adding him to groups when Shatta Wale had publicly announced that they (SM Militants) be exited out of all Shatta Movement related group chats.

He also made it clear that the groups never promoted them whiles the were in the camp and wanted to leave even before Shatta Wale sacked them and further stated that they should keep him out of the group.

He concluded by saying his phone is even tired of all those groups and his battery is giving him problems so they should take him out of their groups.

Below is a video cited on officialghbase Instagram post;