Facts of Jennifer Smith

Full Name Jennifer Smith
First Name Jennifer
Last Name Smith
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Spouse Blake Wilson
No Of Children 4

Jennifer Smith is a gorgeous woman, and she is famous for being the former wife of internet personality Batdad.

Her ex-husband has been creating videos on channels such as Instagram, YouTube, and vines. 

Sadly his Vine account is disabled now but he is active on Instagram and YouTube. 

His YouTube channel has more than 709 thousand subscribers. 

Married Life and Husband

She was happily married to her husband Batdad, Blake Wilson. 

The couple was dating for a long time, and soon they decided to turn their relationship into a marital one. 

The couple got married and was living a happily married life together, but sadly it is all over now. 

Her husband has uploaded this picture on his Instagram account on 18th November 2016, and he has captioned this one as, 

“jenjens22 is making pancakes….”

She is making pancakes, and her husband has taken this selfie with his Batman avatar on. 

Adorable Children and Family

She has four lovely children from Batdad, Blake Wilson. Her first child, a daughter, was born on 21st December 2004. 

She named her first daughter as Taylor Wilson.

The couple had another baby on 18th June 2007, and this time around also it was a daughter. They decided to name her Kaya Wilson. 

Kaya also features on her dad’s videos often and is very cute. 

Here is a picture of their family having a good time together.

The picture has her whole family and former husband. Her ex-husband captioned this one as 


Her third child and fourth one are twins. Her daughter Sienna Wilson and a son Ben Wilson brought happiness to their family again. 

The date was 26th June 2010.

Sadness Strikes and The Divorce

The couple was going so well, but they could not sustain it. They decided that it was not meant to be together and went through a divorce.

Their divorce date is March 2019.

Reason For Divorce

The main reason behind the divorce is Jennifer started getting annoyed with Batdad’s avatar. 

The character started troubling her and annoying her, she said in an interview. She filed the divorce in Florida Court.

The couple is great friends now, and the reason behind their friendship is for their angel-like children. 

It is quite visible in this video that she was not enjoying her partner’s batman avatar and character. 

Her life partner uploads this video and it is captioned as 

“was in the bathroom…”

Net Worth

Her ex-husband has a staggering net worth of 250 thousand dollars, and the primary source of his income is from his YouTube channel. 

Primary Source Of Income Of Blake

Blake has two major channels of posting his videos. 

One is Instagram in which he has 1.5 million followers, and one is YouTube, in which he has 735 thousand subscribers.

Batdad’s Youtube videos are great for time pass and feature his children as well. 

Batdad is an emotion and his fans love him. Batdad’s clothing, the Batman Batdad T-shirt, and the Batman mug has been one of the fans’ favorites. 

He has thanked his fans for overwhelming orders via Instagram.  


Blake’s house is a massive one and the interiors are fabulous. 

Here is a video in which his house and interiors are visible. 

This video contains a compilation of all new videos on his channel and it is fantastic to watch with some popcorn in hand. 



Her exact age is under review right now, and Blake’s age is 37.Wiki site does not contain information on her, but we got you covered.

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