Is Joanne Anderson Related to Joe Anderson? Actually she is not.

Let’s find more about her as Joanne succeeds Joe as Liverpool mayor.

Joanne is a British politician. She becomes the first black woman in the mayor’s position in any city in the UK.

Is Joanne Anderson Related to Joe Anderson? 

No, Joanne Anderson is not related to Joe Anderson. 

Joe was the mayor of Liverpool for nine years since 2012. The only relation he may share with Joanne is that he was a Labour Party member before.

In fact, Joe was the first directly elected Mayor of Liverpool. However, his membership with the Labour Party was suspended in November 2020. He left his Mayoral position because of an ongoing police investigation on a bribery case.

Joanne earned 59.2% of the votes. Besides, her competitor Stephen Yip, an independent candidate had 40.8 %. 

Joanne said she is determined to carry out restorations in the city following a difficult year. She expressed her joy being proud and honored to be the first black mayor in any UK city.

Joanne Anderson Family: Who is her Husband?

Joanne Anderson husband details are yet to be discovered. 

Besides, her family includes a kid of her. However, there is no further information regarding her family.

Joanne Anderson Wiki: What is her Net worth?

Joanne is 47 years old. She was born in Liverpool.

Joanne Anderson does have a brief Wikipedia biography. 

In fact, Joanne also serves as the Liverpool City Councillor for Princes Park. She has been in the position since 17th October 2019.

After involving with the Labour Party for years, Joanne became a candidate for the Mayoral election. Eventually, she became the first lady mayor in Liverpool’s history.

Joanne was elected in the second round of the voting. In fact, no candidates were able to gather above 50% of the votes that were needed in the first round. Joanne had secured only 38.51%.

Liverpool’s new Mayor, Joanne Anderson, has promised to put right things which went wrong at the city council. It was criticised for multiple failures in Max Caller’s independent report. Cllr Anderson says she’ll restore confidence in Labour in Liverpool. More at 6.30 pm @BBCNWT:

— BBC North West (@BBCNWT) May 7, 2021

Joanne’s net worth is another fact still to be discovered. 

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