This is a hotel that has everything a guest could possibly need. Ilorin Airport Hotel & Suites is your number one choice of hotels among others. Our hotel is suitable for business men as it is very close to the airport and it provides you with basically everyting you need to chill in comfort. Ilorin Airport Hotel & Suites has the perfect lighting and its interior has the perfect decor to completely astonish guests. The guestrooms are cleverly built to satisfy the taste of travellers from all over the world. This hotel is fully equipped with unique facilities and we also have a large parking space, a gymnasium to keep our lovely guests fit and an efficient restuant. This hotel’s physical address is Airforce Junction, Off Airport Road Gbagba Area, Ilorin, Kwara.


Book a room with us today and relax while we see to it that you have a memorable stay.


Ilorin Airport Hotel is an affordable hotel in Ilorin, Kwara.


Ilorin Airport Hotel

Airforce Junction, Off Airport Road Gbagba Area

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