The Award winning rapper Samuel Adu Frimpong better known as Medikal narrating his story on Kwaku Manu’s ‘Aggressive Interview’ the successful rapper and entrepreneur talked about his past struggles before becoming famous.

He talked about his experience and how he had to sleep under Kaneshie Bridge for three weeks because he had nowhere to sleep, Kaneshie Bridge was the only place he could spend the night after a tough day.
He made several touching revelations that even sometimes money to buy ‘gari’ and sugar wasn’t easy for him by then, what he does is to selling of phones at circle to make ends meet.
Reminiscing on those difficult events of his life, he vowed to do anything possible to escape from such poverty and in other to be able to take care of his family.
Everybody has felt such difficult times from the beginning of his life, unless you were born with silver spoon. A lot of the celebrities has similar situations which they went through before breaking through to be who they are today.