President Akufo Addo has successfully commissioned 307 ambulances today at the Independence Square, but news coming in indicate that one of the ambulances belonging to the Ho West Constituency is nowhere to be found.

The driver is currently at the commissioning grounds but cannot locate the ambulance.

According to reports in the media, the Ho West Ambulance was used for illustrations for the president, and it is that very ambulance that he inspected.

The driver tells the press that he left the keys in the vehicle when President Nana Addo entered the ambulance to inspect. He added that the ambulance was taken from there by security personnel and could not locate it again.

“I have looked everywhere and can’t find.”, Suleman, the driver, said and added that he can’t recognise the security personnel who drove it from the park.

Most of the ambulances have departed and the one belonging to Ho West is not among the few yet to depart. Authorities say the ambulance has lost connection with the GPS device and suspect the tracker has been removed.