President Nana Akufo Addo and vice Mahamudu Bawumia who promised to protect Ghana’s public purse is issuing plastic IDs, termed as Ghana Card, at GHS 200 per person.

A family of 12 who lives in a farm settlement says they don’t need the card for any transaction and as such needs their share of the money meant for printing the cards.

“We are a family of 12 and look at where we are living? What are we using these cards for? We don’t have bank accounts, we don’t go anywhere that requires an ID. We just don’t have any use for it. We are 12 so we are begging the government to give us our share of the money which is 2400 cedis” – the family head Baffour Gyawu told [email protected].

Baffour Gyawu added that it makes no sense to obtain these cards at GHS 200 each while same money could fund their farm and start a business.

“We need money to farm; buy seeds and so on. My wife isn’t working. She can start something with just GHS 500. It makes no sense to take these cards and keep them.” – Baffour added.

According to sources close to the presidency who spoke to [email protected] on condition of anonymity, the NPP government is certain of not winning the 2020 elections and as such are embezzling state funds to spend while in opposition. The president admitted that this is the main reason why they spent very ridiculous amount of monies on GhanapostGPS, Mobile Money interoperability, GVG/Kelni deal and the ongoing Ghana Card.

This is what the vice president had to say: “I’m Mahamudu, he’s Mahama. The DU in Mahamudu means I’m ten times Mahama. If Mahama stole 1 million cedis, I will steal 10 million cedis. So just do the mathematics”.