DVLA, the authority in charge of licensing cars in Ghana has said that ADVICE and REIGN number plates used by Shatta Wale are not in records.

Talking to a group of journalist at the 37 branch of the DVLA, spokesperson for the authority, Baffour Gyawu said the number plates displayed by Shatta Wale are fake and not in their records.

Baffour Gyawu added that, though they recall printing REIGN and ADVICE car places for Shatta Wale, their records do not indicate so and as such the plates are fake.

Shatta Wale has been ordered to remove the plates or go ahead and register the desired words for his cars.

Shatta Wale told [email protected] that the plates were just for video shoot and nothing else.

Baffour Gyawu recalled that indeed Shatta Wale requested for the plates for a music video.